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BBC, London

BBC, London





Llewelyn Davies won an urban design competition for the BBC’s Broadcasting House and Langham Place properties. The BBC’s “Vision”, to create better quality, more efficient environments, was used to drive the retention of its symbolic presence within one of the most sensitive sites in London’s West End. Following this success, a series of further appointments followed, developing these concepts with Westminster City Council and reviewing similar development options for the BBC’s other major London sites at White City and Television Centre in London W12.
A collective Executive Summary prepared by Llewelyn Davies and presented to the BBC Governors helped conclude the BBC’s London Property Strategy.

Llewelyn Davies’s original urban design strategy was employed by the architects for the scheme to deliver the £1 billion redevelopment of the site, completed in 2012. The BBC recognised the value of Llewelyn Davies’s contribution in the publication, The book ‘Building the BBC – A return to form’ wrote:

‘Llewelyn Davies was appointed to undertake an architectural and planning study of BH and its adjacent buildings. The work, led by Steve Featherstone, was completed in 1999 and presented to the BBC governors in early 2000. It proved a critical turning-point for the project and informed and design brief for the subsequent competition’.


Project undertaken by Llewelyn-Davies Ltd