New Port Project Visitors Centre

Llewelyn Davies worked with aquarium specialists, Kay Elliot and structural engineers, Newtecnic for the New Port Project Visitors Centre in Doha, Qatar.

Our proposal for Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) respects the existing site development strategy and master plan. The plan is based upon the recognition of the existing port set-up, maximizing the potential capacity, utilization and enhancement of existing land uses. The New Port Project Visitors Centre, access roads and parking are located south of the existing port in a landscaped setting.


New Port Visitor Centre


The Centre will be integrated into a landscape that draws on the topography, planting and natural features of the region, setting off the spectacular facility and weaving together the various elements of the master plan. The landscape extends this feature of the master plan and fully integrates with the existing roadway system. Ultimately this is a plan that is legible, both in terms of pedestrian movement, as well as vehicular with road links planned and located to provide efficient movement.

While achieving a remarkable aesthetic, the concept is founded and supported by a rigorously functional infrastructure.