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Tianjin Binhai International Airport

Tianjin Binhai International Airport

Tianjin Binhai Authority




3 Master Plan Targets were defined for the long term  development of Tianjin Binhai Airport in China: short-term 6 mppa (2015), long-term 20 mppa (2035) and an ultimate capacity of 40 mppa. The development of a suitable master plan is a sensitive balance between preserving the long-term potential of the airport and responding efficiently to the short-term requirements of the airport and airline industry. The initial phase of development was the creation of a 6 mppa terminal with a frontal concourse, located perpendicular to the runways, capable of extension sideways to provide additional capacity in later phases. For development phases beyond 20 mppa, a central satellite with automated people mover (APM) linked to the expanded terminal was recommended.


Supplementary Submission

Following the success of the original submission we were requested by  Tianjin Binhai International Airport Authority to design  an additional  terminal  to provide 60,000 m2, capable of future expansion  to 100,000 m2  to meet the anticipated forecast passenger demands.